Endorsing Organisations

APPEA LogoThe Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) is the peak national body representing the collective interests of the upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry.   The Association has more than 75 full member companies that explore for and produce Australia’s oil and gas resources. www.appea.com.au

GPA Logo

The Gas Processors Association (GPA) was founded in 1921 and represents over 120 global corporate members with interests in the midstream industry. Member company activities include gathering, compression, treating, processing, marketing and storage of natural gas, as well as fractionation, transportation, storage and marketing of natural gas liquids. The midstream industry is an essential link between energy producers and energy consumers. GPA has developed a Global Alliance with organizations in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, USA and Venezuela. www.gpaglobal.org

GSM Logo

The Geological Society of Malaysia was founded in 1967 with the aim of promoting the advancement of earth science particularly in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region. The Society has a membership of about 600 geoscientists interested in Malaysian and other Southeast Asian region. The membership is worldwide in distribution. www.gsm.org.my



IADC logoThe International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) has exclusively represented the worldwide oil and gas drilling industry, since 1940. IADC's resources offer diverse benefits to its membership of drilling contractors, producers and associates.  Membership is open to any company involved in oil and gas exploration and production, well servicing, oil field manufacturing and other rig site services. Through conferences, training seminars and a comprehensive network of technical publications, IADC continually fosters education and communications within the upstream petroleum industry IADC has a global reach operating wherever its members operate - in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. For more information log on to www.iadc.org.

IGU Logo

The International Gas Union (IGU) is a world-wide non-profit organisation with the objective of promoting the technical and economic progress of the gas industry. It cooperates with many global energy organisations. IGU's working organisation covers all domains of the gas industry from exploration and production of natural gas on- or offshore, pipeline and piped distribution systems to customers premises and combustion of the gas at the point of use. www.igu.org



The Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology (JAPT) was founded on May 25,1933. The primary mission of the association is to collect the latest technical and academic information pertaining to the exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources and disseminate them to oil industry. JAPT also provides forum for exchange of technical information among its members, thereby promoting the multi-disciplinary activities between geologists, geophysicist and engineers. For more information visit www.japt.org


MGA LogoThe Malaysian Gas Association (MGA) aspires to create synergy in realizing and harnessing the potential of the gas industry by driving the increased utilization of gas through research and development initiatives, while promoting its usage domestically and internationally. With a membership hailing from more than 130 corporate organizations, MGA is committed to making meaningful contributions to the gas industry through the organizing of gas and gas-related events, seminars, conferences and also in actively participating in worldwide gas activities under the auspices of the International Gas Union (IGU). portal.malaysiangas.com.

MOGSC LogoThe Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC) was established to promote the interests of Malaysian oil and gas service providers and make Malaysia a principal player for products, services and resources for the global oil & gas industry. www.mogsc.org.my

PTIT LogoThe Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) is a neutral, independent, non-profit organisation, with a mission to foster better understanding of the petroleum, petrochemical, and related industries in Thailand with emphasis on human resources development, information services, technical services, public policy and regulatory support, to ensure sustainable development and competitiveness of the industry and the country. www.ptit.org


IATMI LogoThe Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers (IATMI) is a professional organisation. It is a vehicle for its members in every sector of the oil and gas industry to further its quest in advancing the development of education and training and initiating research projects.  Another important role of IATMI is to complement and provide valuable information to the government. In all of IATMI’s activities, IATMI seeks assistance and cooperation with other professional organisations nationally or internationally.  IATMI’s head office is in Jakarta.  At present, its membership of almost 2,400 professionals is spread throughout the nation in several districts (known as Komisariat) and has representatives overseas. For more information, visit the IATMI website at www.iatmi.or.id.


The South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX), is a non-profit organization with objectives as defined in the Constitution being:

  • To advance the science of geology and related Earth Sciences, with particular emphasis on petroleum and natural gas exploration, development and production in Southeast Asia;
  • To foster the spirit of scientific research throughout its membership;
  • To promote technologies for finding, developing and producing hydrocarbons;
  • To disseminate information relating to petroleum geoscience;
  • To inspire a high standard of professional conduct on the part of its members; and
  • To act as a body to improve the awareness of oil and gas industry issues in the community.

SEAPEX is based and registered in Singapore and currently has 1,000 worldwide Active, Life and Honorary members. For more information, please visit www.seapex.org.