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Characterisation and Modelling of Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Sunday, 19 January 2014, 0900–1600, Meeting Room 216, QNCC, Doha, Qatar

Instructor: Shawket G. Ghedan, Computer Modeling Group, Ltd, Calgary, Canada

Course Outline:

The course starts by covering the geological aspects of carbonate fractured reservoirs, NFRs, in terms of matrix and fractures characterization and determination of its intrinsic and effective properties needed for reservoir modeling. It then continues to explore the recovery mechanism of naturally fractured reservoirs and its difference than those of conventional oil reservoirs. Further, the course presents the concepts of Wettability, Pc and Kr curves and their importance in the recovery mechanisms of naturally fractured reservoirs. Modeling approaches will differ based on the types of the Carbonate NFR, and the oil recovery processes encountered during primary, secondary and tertiary recovery techniques. The course explains the modeling approaches of Standard Dual Porosity, Dual Porosity with Multiple Interacting Continua, Dual Porosity with Vertical Refinement, Dual Permeability, and finally Dual Permeability with Vertical Refinement. Further, the course explores the various matrix-fracture transfer function and the related shape factors. Finally the course would shed light on the topic of thermal recovery from Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs which is taking a lot of attention lately.

Course Content:

  • Characterization of Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
  • Recovery Mechanisms of Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
  • Modeling of Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
  • Enhancement of Dual Porosity Modeling
  • Dual porosity-dual permeability modeling
  • Dual Permeability Modeling with and Without Reinfiltration.
  • Thermal Recovery of Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Who Should Attend:

This one day course is designed for reservoir management and simulation engineers, as well as production engineers. It is also designed for reservoir geologists and reservoir modelers and any other technical personnel who would like to learn the details or enhance their knowledge about the characterization and modeling of Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs.


Shawket GhedanShawket Ghedan is currently a Reservoir Simulation Engineering Advisor with CMG. He has got more than 22 years of both academic and industrial experience in the area of reservoir engineering, management and modeling. In the past, he held associate professor positions with the Petroleum Institute and University of Baghdad. He also held the position of senior reservoir simulation engineering with ADNOC and ADMA. Furthermore, he was senior instructor and consultant with NExT-Schlumberger. Shawket’s expertise encompasses reservoir characterization, and reservoir modeling of waterflooding, carbonate fractured reservoirs, CO2-compositional flooding, chemical flooding, thermal oil recovery, and recovery from unconventional tight formations. Shawket has authored more than 40 technical papers, and has taught many reservoir engineering and reservoir modeling courses world-wide. He holds BSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from University of Baghdad, ME and PhD degrees in Reservoir Engineering from Colorado School of Mines. Shawket is currently involved in a number of SPE international activities. He was SPE distinguished lecturer for 2005-2006. He was awarded the 2009 MENA regional reservoir description and dynamics technical award, 2010 SPE outstanding technical editor award, and 2011 MENA regional distinguished petroleum engineering faculty award.


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