The IPTC "Excellence in Project Integration" Award

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, 2 March 2016

As the upstream oil and gas industry moves towards increasingly complex and capital intensive projects, we must challenge our conventional practices. It is critical that lessons are shared from successfully integrated projects that embody excellence. The IPTC committees and sponsoring societies believe in highlighting projects above USD 500 million that have demonstrated distinction throughout the entire exploration and production value chain.

Each year, the IPTC Excellence in Project Integration Award is given to a project that adds value to the industry and exemplified strong teamwork, solid geoscience knowledge, reservoir and production engineering acumen, determined and watchful construction, and outstanding facilities engineering practices. Equally important, a successful project requires a pervasive culture of HSE, and a positive impact on the communities it affects. Nominate a project for this prestigious award by completing the attached form and returning it to Jing Shuang Tham, at email: or fax at +60.3.21282.3030 by Wednesday, 2 March 2016.

Nominated projects are reviewed by the IPTC Award Committee against the following criteria:

  • Project Elements (full value chain from exploration to delivery or brownfield complexity) (15%)
    • Delivery of elements will be looked at for green field projects
    • Degree of complexity will be assessed for brownfield projects
  • Project Impact (local or regional or international) (20%)
    • Significance of the impact to the industry, rather than the scale of the project
    • Local, regional or international impact on value added basis rather than scale basis
  • Use of New Technologies (20%)
    • Degree of the application of new technologies
    • Fit for purpose new technology application has the advantage rather than over-engineered or extravagant application
  • Subsurface and Surface Integration Aspects (20%)
    • Smart integration methods
    • Not to be confused with Criteria No 1: Project Elements
  • HSE (10%)
    • Lag indicator performance management system efforts
    • Main safety challenges
    • Quality assurance efforts
  • Project Execution (budget, timing challenges, etc.) (15%)


About IPTC

IPTC focuses on the distribution of new and current technology, best practices and activities designed to emphasise the importance of the "value chain" and maximising asset value.


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Future Dates

The 11th edition of IPTC will be held from 26 - 28 March 2019 in Beijing, China. 


Each year, IPTC recognises a company or companies for integration of multiple discipline and execution for major industry projects, from discovery to delivery.


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