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Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Governor of the Eastern Province

Step into the Digital Hub!

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Attend our dynamic presentations covering the latest in digitalization trends and practical insights. Elevate your digital knowledge – seats are first come first serve.



Monday, 12 February 2024




1330 - 1400

Drilling and Workover (D&WO) Billing to collection (B2C)

Abdulrahman T. Alsalim, Saudi Aramco

1405 - 1425

ENOA - Aramco's Metaverse Campus

Fairouz A. Dabbagh, Saudi Aramco

1430 - 1500


Ali H. Farid, Saudi Aramco

Khaled A. Alterish, Saudi Aramco

Yazeed S. Qahtani, Saudi Aramco

1530 - 1600

Automating Survey Management

Timothy Paton, Superior QC

1600 - 1630

Digital Transformation in the Context of Energy Transition

Dr. Wael Ziadat,



Tuesday, 13 February 2024




0930 - 1000

Automation / Digitalization Impact in the Energy Space

Umar Naveed, Arabian Drilling

1005 - 1025

Embarking on DevOps & Agile Transition

Ashwag M. Alotaibi, Saudi Aramco

1030 - 1100 MoU with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) for Energy Large Language Model Aramco UDC, SEG and i2k

1130 - 1200

AI Chemical Suite

Adeeb N Ajaj, Saudi Aramco

1330 1400

IFS Operational Insights - Data Driven Maintenance Rethought

Thomas Heckmann, IFS

1430 - 1500

Cloud Computing

Saleh Faleh, Saudi Aramco

Ali S. Almajed, Saudi Aramco

1500 - 1525   Foaming Event Predictor (Anti-Foaming) Raghad T. Bayounes, Saudi Aramco

1530 - 1600

4x4 SADA Learning Framework

Faisal Al-Daihani, 

Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy (SADA)

1600 - 1630 

Future trends and solutions; vision for digital transformation in the industry

Mahmoud Ahmed Alshamrani, Solutions by STC


Wednesday, 14 February 2024




0930 - 1000


Rosa M. Rubui, Saudi Aramco

Maryam A. Bahmaid, Saudi Aramco

1030 - 1100 Marine Rubban Mobile

Alanoud T. Shahrani, Saudi Aramco

Abdulaziz S. Abuali, Saudi Aramco

1130 - 1200 scAIda Smart Pumper TM: Making Digital Oilfield Easy, Fast and Economical Lionel Lhommet, We Energy / scAIda Smart-Pumper
1330 - 1400 Smart City    

Bayan M. Alrehaili, Saudi Aramco

1430 - 1500

The Impact of Cloud Computing on AI – An Energy Sector Point of View

Dr. Dani Abu Ghaida, Crayon