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The IPTC Distinguished Achievement Award for individuals is awarded to recognise the accomplishments of outstanding individuals who have significantly advanced the petroleum industry. This prestigious award acknowledges notable technical and innovative contributions that have earned global peer recognition. It celebrates the profound impact on organisations, technological developments, and the advancement of petroleum sciences. Recipients are distinguished by their exemplary leadership, setting high standards of excellence and inspiring future industry leaders.


  • Individual having a track record of leadership that impacted an organisation, or development of a technology/innovation
  • Global recognition by industry peers
  • Significant contribution(s) to the industry (technical, societal, safety or environmental efforts, global, otherwise)
  • The design or invention of technology, equipment, tools, or technical services
  • Contributions to the knowledge and literature of upstream petroleum technology
  • Outstanding service to governments, companies, and organisations  
  • One (1) award recipient will be selected

How to Nominate

  1. Complete IPTC Nomination Form here
  2. Submit CV/resume of the nominee
  3. Submit cover letter indicating reasons for nomination (maximum 1 page)
  4. Submit up to three (3) supporting letters (letters must be from industry peers, with at least one letter from a peer belonging to a different organisation)