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The IPTC Young Professional Achievement Award recognises exceptional young professionals who are passionate about their field of work, are dedicated to industry service and who have made major contributions to the energy industry, showcasing their role in advancing technology and achieving international recognition. This award highlights their leadership and engagement within the industry, as well as their creativity and innovation in developing new technologies and methods. Additionally, it honours their leadership in the industry, evident through their active participation with their professional societies and global energy organisations and events.


35 year or younger, Young Professional candidates who have shown the following:

  • Excellence (papers, patents, etc.)
  • Impact (actual implementation of ideas/concepts)
  • Innovation (uniqueness of a new technology, process, methods science/knowledge)
  • Leadership (industry outreach, support to diversity, mentoring, involvement in workshops, committees, talks, societies)
  • Up to four (4) Young Professionals may be recognised.  

How to Nominate

  • Complete IPTC Nomination Form here
  • Submit CV/resume of the nominee
  • Cover letter indicating reasons for nomination
  • Up to three (3) supporting letters - from organisation leadership, immediate supervisor/manager and a peer belonging to a different organisation