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Dear Industry Colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 17th International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC), a landmark event in our industry, set to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 18-20 February 2025. As the Executive Committee Co-Chairs of IPTC 2025, we are proud to bring this significant event to life.

The theme for IPTC 2025, "Energy for All: Reflect >> Innovate >> Evolve,” aptly captures the essence of our industry’s journey. This theme not only acknowledges the challenges we face but also emphasises our collective commitment to exploring innovative solutions and evolving practices to ensure energy accessibility and sustainability for all.

IPTC 2025 marks an important juncture – five years into the accelerated energy transition movement and the halfway point to the 2030 decarbonisation goals. This makes it an ideal platform for your organisation to showcase its contributions and thought leadership in these transformative times.

As a participant, whether as an exhibitor or sponsor, you will gain unparalleled opportunities to engage with a global audience of professionals, share your pioneering technologies, and participate in high-level exchanges of ideas. Your involvement will enhance your company’s profile among a diverse group of industry professionals, business decision-makers, and technical experts.

Joining us at IPTC 2025 means more than just attending a conference; it signfies being part of a celebration of two decades of industry innovation, collaboration, and progress, marking the 20th anniversary of the first IPTC held in 2005. This event oers an opportunity to not only reflect on our achievements but also to
actively shape the future of our industry.

We encourage you to seize this unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and peers, fostering collaborations that will drive our industry forward. Together, let’s make IPTC 2025 a milestone event that echoes our commitment to a sustainable energy future.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kuala Lumpur and a successful IPTC 2025.



IPTC 2025 Executive Committee Co-Chair

Adif Zulkifli

Adif Zulkifli
IPTC 2025 Executive Committee Co-Chair
Executive Vice President & CEO, Upstream

IPTC 2025 Executive Committee Co-Chair

Khaled All Mogharbel

Khaled Al Mogharbel
IPTC 2025 Executive Committee Co-Chair
Executive Vice President, Geographies